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Comments on Andreea popescu instagram Members of New Brunswick's Romanian Orthodox religious community are very upset about an incident last weekend at their new church. The stolen items include a gold-plated chalice and tabernacle, sacred bread, wine, candles and cash. Before that, Pelin worked as an assistant professor of theology in Romania.

He was ordained 12 years ago. It's a rude welcome to the neighbourhood for the congregation, which only purchased the former Baptist church last July. The congregation had been working to establish a home for itself since It held some services in other churches in Moncton, Fredericton and St. George before taking the "huge step" of buying the place in River Glade — mortgage free. People travel to St. Varlaam from all over the province to attend.


They spent hours getting the church ready so they would have a slimming center george street place to gather with their faith community. The opening of the new church was the best thing that happened during a year when nothing has been normal, said the couple. The Ciolanescu said in their email that they suspect the thief was probably looking for electronics, and doesn't realize the significance of what they took.

It is not about the monetary value but spiritual huge impact for the entire community. Slimming tea chinese Church members are hopeful the thieves will have a change of heart and return the items, Popescu said, and would be grateful to have them back, slimming center george street questions asked. She expects it might be difficult for the thief to sell the items for cash because they are quite distinctive.

Paella recipe best Popescu said police found fingerprints on some other objects on the altar that had been moved. She has had no other update on the investigation.

Police were called at about Friday night, Dec. Church members take some solace in the fact that there was no damage or vandalism during the incident, said Popescu. The priest said fortunately he had a spare chalice, so services can still take place, including upcoming celebrations for Christmas.

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We reserve the right to close comments at any time. New Brunswick Romanian Orthodox community dismayed by theft of religious objects Members of New Brunswick's Romanian Orthodox religious community are upset about an incident last weekend at their new church.

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Varlaam's in River Glade was broken into late on Dec. Social Sharing. Facebook twitter instagram contact. Toggle navigation.

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