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Ah, angst and Vanitas, my absolute favorite.

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Though he would fight to the bitter end with every step and breath he took, it was always with a sense of resignation. None of this was what he wanted, none of it had ever even been his choice. His creation, his life, his suffering, his goals.

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It belonged to his pain and everything he was trying to escape. It belonged to Xehanort.

And so he had continued through the motions and the plans, never stopping to really question if there was another way. If there was a better way.

Shen-Acupuncture APK - Download app Android (free)

Why would there be, and what would it matter if there was? All he wanted, was for the pain to stop. It was either forge the χ-blade and be whole and free of his pain, or… this. It had always been just a matter of time.

pierde greutatea cracked apk

Now here he was, alone, just as he had been his entire existence. Closing his eyes to block out the darkness wisping away from him — his body, his essence, that was him — Vanitas clenched his fists, bemused to find them still responsive, and waited for the end.

He saw your face as you lay in bed together, trying to forget what was to come.

pierde greutatea cracked apk

A myriad of emotions welled up in his chest. Things that were familiar and things that were not. That was, if he had a heart to begin with. You had gotten closer than anyone else ever had or could.

pierde greutatea cracked apk

For some reason you stuck around despite his attempts to push you away, despite how cruelly he could treat even you. He had been torn between scowling or smiling and now he chuckled darkly.

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You had comentariile arzătorului de grăsime there at every twist and turn, except for now, when it mattered the most. A normal pierde greutatea cracked apk, he thought, would probably be crying right now. If there was one thing Vanitas had learned during his existence, it was pain. The sound of a soft whimper drew him from his thoughts, making him open his eyes. He had thought he was alone, the heroes of light leaving him to his fate after they defeated him.

Wrong again, pierde greutatea cracked apk would seem.

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Vanitas tilted his head to one side, then the other after finding nothing. A body lay a short distance away from him and his gold eyes widened just as you managed to whimper again. The world swayed around him, darkening before coming back into view.

pierde greutatea cracked apk

When his vision cleared again, he was somehow on his hands and knees, breathing heavily and staring down at the ground.

His eyes widened, fingers curling in the dirt. Realization was like a bucket of icy water dumping over him — or was that just another side effect of falling apart? He had to get to you. Walking was out of the question and so, undignified as it was, he forced himself to crawl to you, one hand in front of the other, knees scraping the ground.

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He looked up, his shock at already being by your side numbed by pain. Seeing you there, wounded and fading away made his breath catch in his throat and coherent thought flee.

pierde greutatea cracked apk

The end he had always seen was for himself, not both of you. Never you.

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