Cum sa ascunzi un router wireless intr-un radio vechi


Daca routerul tau wireless sau repeaterul nu se incadreaza deloc in designul rustic al casei tale, ai mai jos un tutorial care iti explica cum poti ascunde dispozitivul intr-o carcasa a unui radio vechi.

De ce ai vrea sa faci asta? Autorul explica mai jos de ce a apelat la aceasta solutie:

” Recently, my work was forced to install a wireless access point. It’s intended to be used with a wireless bar code scanner in the parts department. Due to a wonderful policy (a town ordinance), this access point had to be open and free for anyone to connect. Department level management felt, if those working in the shop had WiFi access, even less work would get done (they’re correct). As a result, the WiFi AP got installed away from the shop, in the furthest depths of the parts department. Despite that, WiFi still reaches a good part of the shop. But what about the rest? It sounds like a hidden wireless repeater is needed.”

Uite asa a luat nastere primul aparat radio vintage cu repeater wireless incorporat 🙂

Daca ti se pare interesant si ai timp de pierdut, link-urile de mai jos iti vor fi de folos.

Hidden Wireless Repeater [via Hack A Day]


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