Angajatii Google ti-ar putea citi emailurile


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Crezi ca toate email-urile tare personale sau confidentiale stocate in Gmail sunt in siguranta ? Crezi ca angajatii Google care se ocupa de divizia Gmail ti-ar putea citi email-urile ?

In teorie raspunsurile ar putea fi DA . Christopher Nguyen, un fost angajat Google care a lucrat la divizia Google a declarat urmatoarele pentru cei de la Quora:

A small number of GMail related engineers have access to the servers as a matter of necessity to do their jobs; a very small number of people actually access the contents as a matter of necessity to do their jobs, and even then, almost always only the associated metadata.

The rest have to file a request and justify any access they ever need, which is extremely rare. All have to sign paperwork re users’ privacy at the risk of dismissal & legal action, knowing that whatever they do is discoverable. And ultimately, an internal culture of respecting users’ privacy helps keep one another in check.

Dar Google ofera si reclama contextuala tuturor utilizatorilor care nu sunt premium afisand ads-uri in functie de continutul email-ului pe care il citim in acel moment . Este evident ca crawlerele Google iti scaneaza acel email pentru a lua cuvinte cheie pe care apoi le foloseste pentru a-ti afisa reclame de care ai putea fi interesat.

Microsoft,  in speranta ca ar putea fura o bucatica din placinta Gmail ne ofera video-ul de mai jos.



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